The biggest lie in band. Just one more time. Just one more time. Same thing over and over and over

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Marching Band Problems- I have the opposite problem, he'll tell us to set and then starts counting before anyone can actually get to their dot

So true

People in drum corps are more ripped then football players.some trumpet players are ripped too!

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Marching Band. As a section leader for two years I can confirm this.: Band Music, Marching Band, Band Funny, Marching Band Meme, So True, Band Life, Marching Band Clarinet, Band Geeks

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!

The former band geek in me loves this!

Funny pictures about Happy Sousaphone player. Oh, and cool pics about Happy Sousaphone player. Also, Happy Sousaphone player photos.

It is a sport

No hate, but this is honestly the truest thing I have ever read about marching band and football. Missing marching band, band in general