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Jeepers! Look what I found on my hard drive!!! :-o There are HiDef images from 10 to 20 MB JPEGS! All of which adds up to 10GB of seriously HIGH RESOLUTION SCANS! I suppose Pinterest has the hard drive capacity right? Please add a comment if you want me to upload all these! Will take some time, but it's doable! .::Modernaire

Iconic Music Writer, Arranger, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actor and Singer.

I Love this man as if he was mine. Once you get deep into an artist's music and the enjoyment of their shows and follow their careers you become so close to them that you're family and have nothing but love for them. Especially if you're in music business also and learning from them it hurts just the same to lose them. It's a family affair. Prince called his fans family he said we always supported him and always show up for him and thats what real family do. We love you more.

'When I found out that there was eight presidents before George Washington, I wanted to smack somebody.

Mike Bryce uploaded this image to 'Prince and related'.  See the album on Photobucket.

I remember seeing years ago a prince photo where he was running away from some fans laughing and I think it was raining does anyone know what Im talking about?

Photo Steve Parke

Prince - new outake(photograher; steve parke) Loved, loved, loved Prince as a teen. Still listen to his old stuff and still think he's beautiful.

Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos! Post them here!

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Vintage Prince - 1977 or 1978 - I love his pictures from back then. Very raw and young