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NaLu, Lucy dies

It will never ever happen. First why would Lucy or Natsu die! N besides it's too not Fairy Tail. I don't ship NaLu n don't want this to happen. <<< You ship Nalu don't lie to yourself Nalu is perfect

Natsu discovers OTP's - Nalu I by willowspritex3.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I worked all day on this and I was lazy all day so you guys better effing love it! Natsu discovers OTP's - Nalu I

Realmente eu quero alguém tão fofo assim @DeviantArt

Aww lucy started crying, and then natsu comforts her!

Nalu and Gruvia | kids | next generation | Frozen | you burned your house down again

Gray and juvias kid in the snowman outfit was soooo cute! Lol with natsu having to ask to live with gray! <<<Flipping gray dressed as Elsa!

Poor Gray, I like Juvia in the last panel

Poor Gray, I like Juvia in the last panel

Nalu And InuKag by DarkMousyxKagome.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Inukag and Nalu are more similar than I think anyone seems to realize. Because they're so similar is why I know for that Nalu is going to become an. Nalu And InuKag

HUG ME BROTHA!! Has anyone even seen what the top says "What ZEREF THINKS..." NALU and Zervis!

I see what Zeiter did! He ships NALU as well! See Zeref is not the bad guy here! Nali fans are!