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Mami Made It: I Present my Sky Scarf 2013 - Ich präsentiere meinen Sky Scarf 2013

Sky Scarf Stricke jeden Tag eine Reihe in der Farbe des Himmels an diesem Tag - Knit every day a row in the color the sky has that day

Temperature blanket

Temperature blanket idea, will have to adjust for desert temperatures with 120 degree averages in the summer.

Ravelry: CindyKuo's Temperature Scarf

CindyKuo's Temperature Scarf

After doing the Conceptual Knitting Sky Scarf last year, I decided that this year I would do a Temperature Scarf. I have made up a colour chart to represent each 10 deg of temperature and will kni.

Love this idea!

sky scarf - going to start this soon, with a lot of grey for Vancouver skies

Sky-Scarf: Jeden Tag werden 2 Reihen in der Farbe des Himmels gestrickt

Sky Scarf Stricke jeden Tag eine Reihe in der Farbe des Himmels an diesem Tag - Knit every day a row in the color the sky has that day

color reference for temperature blanket

Color reference for temperature blanket. I didn't use greens because they don't seem like a temperature color, but you can!

This is a neat idea. Crochet a row a day - color is determined by the temp outside.  Temperature Scarf, free (conceptual) crochet pattern by Underground Crafter

Temperature Scarf, free conceptual crochet pattern

The Personalized Temperature Scarf is quite a neat concept. It's a crochet scarf pattern that is worked up over the course of an entire calendar year based on the temperature. This is a unique scarf pattern because everyone's will look different.

My Year in Temperatures Scarf: choose a color for each temperature range and knit a couple of rows every day all year based on that day's temperature.

This is a conceptual knitting pattern that will look different for everyone who knits it. In this pattern, you record the day's highest te.

340 stitches for queen size temperature blanket; a row for high and a row for low temp each day

Ravelry: shhshh's A Boy's Year in Temperatures.in comments, she says her blanket came out to be queen sized, doing sc, 2 rows a day (one row for low temp of the day and one row for high temp of the day), starting with a chain of It is so pretty!

crocheted sky scarf | crochet:: a sky scarf update | yarnchick40

crochet:: a sky scarf update

Colors for temperature scarf

Temperature scarf or blanket. You crochet/knit a row each day with the colour based on the temperature.

great way to get random stripes........lots of examples. Ravelry: Project Gallery for My Year in Temperatures -Scarf- pattern by Kristen Cooperhttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/my-year-in-temperatures--scarf-

My Year in Temperatures -Scarf-

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