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常に生死の境を彷徨う(と勝手に思っている)、ラフ交換絵をヤスユキさん【http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=573】とやらせて頂きました! ◆テーマは「ネイキッド」。

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Aeon Wallpaper by *Avitus12 on deviantART

Aeon Wallpaper 1 image - Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) for Supreme Commander 2

Supposed finish it before new year but i dont have time for personal work Boring mech concept anyway Mass production grunt suit designed for ground batt.


Dive into the art of Jae Cheol Park, a South Korean illustrator working at Paperblue Studio

Imagen relacionada

Imagen relacionada

HALO, Pelican Dropship/Gunship

dropship with recording equipment under the Pelican's nose. NOTE- new account [link] -NOTE i will remove all my pics into my new account pelican dropship

HEAVY SUPPORT SUIT MK.1 (Commission) by ianskie1 on deviantART

I'm still working out how I'll officially open up commissions. I'm just dry running with someone I've worked wi.