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33 DIYs For The Classiest Person You Know

33 DIYs For The Classiest Person You Know

Aloe Vera hosts a total slew of medicinal properties, especially where your skin is concerned! I bet you knew all of that already…but did you know that it is actually possible to propagate an aloe vera? I didn’t either! Here’s how. You can grow an Aloe plant from a leaf cutting (well…not really, you’re really … Read More

How to {Easily} Propagate Aloe Vera -

How to Care for Your Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe vera plants are native to tropical regions, but they're common household plants in a variety of climates. Caring for an aloe vera plant is simple once you know the basics.

Композиции из суккулентов!

SUCCULENT: 35 Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas, gathered from other websites with links to the original sources

I don't usually like succulents but many of the soft, gel-like succulents would go well in a fairy garden.

10 most common types of succulents houseplants that are alluring and easy to care. Indoor plants, cactus, and house plants. All the green and growing potted plants. Foliage and botanical design

Many of us, in our everyday lives, face routines. One of the routine is disposing glass bottles simply because we don’t know what to do with them. The junkyards are filled with glass bottles, that are in perfectly fine condition to serve as something more than a liquid storage.  If you have a few empty wine bottles and don’t know what to do with them, we have couple of ideas to share with you.

Top 10 Awesome Things To Make Using Empty Wine Bottles

How to make a self watering planter! DIY Project Using Cut Glass Bottles. Perfect way to grow herbs for the garden.

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Warum steh ich plötzlich so auf Kakteen?

" From Chrome research: "Stapelia hirsuta, common name starfish flower or carrion plant, is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Apocynaceae.

Echinopsis eyriesii

Echinopsis eyriesii, also known as sea-urchin cactus or Easter lily cactus, is a species of cactus found in Corrientes and Misiones in Northeastern Argentina, and Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina in Southeastern Brazil.

thrives in bright light & removes formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene, trichloroethyne from the air. Great if you have a brown thumb for houseplants.

10 Houseplants that Clean the Air - Page 9 of 11

IKEA DRACAENA MARGINATA Potted plant Dragon tree& 21 cm Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.