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I hope you like it and thank you so much for your comments & favs! (o^ ^o) Other sailors of this set Neo Sailor Uranus Neo Sailor Neptune Ne.

Nuevas ilustraciones creadas por Naoko Takeuchi. (Las imágenes están retocadas por mí). New artbook created by Naoko Takeuchi. (These pictures are retouched by me).

More new artwork from the Sailor Moon Exhibition. Done by Naoko Takeuchi I love Sailor Chibimoon's hair and the jeweled chokers they're each wearing by prettyguardian_sailormoon

Sailor Neptune

Sailor neptune = Michiru Kaiou / Vicky Kaiou (Spain) Princess of Mercury Princess of Mars Princess of Jupiter Princess of Venus Princess of Moon Queen o. Princess of Neptune

somniumlunae: “Sailor Moon // by 八束祐人@無言フォローすみません! ”

somniumlunae: “Sailor Moon // by 八束祐人@無言フォローすみません! ”

Chibiusa and Diana

chiliferrets: Outer Senshi Samurai Moon Collection And with.

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