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the Phoenix should make the greatest symbol for fibromyalgia.  In reality, we burn our previous life to become a Fibromyalgiac.  It is a violent change, but we are still very beautiful.

The Mythological Bird Phoenix. A mythical bird that never dies. From the ashes a new one rises.

Phoenix Spirit -Brings rebirth, renewal & eternal protection - artist? Detail (No link):

Phoenix Spirit --Brings Rebirth, Renewal & Eternal Protection<<<All credits to artist. Here's some facts about Phoenixes.

In Egyptian mythology, the Dragon Apophis was the enemy of Ra, the sun god

Visit of the Goddess - Signed Art Print - Fantasy Dragon Painting by Jonas Jödicke

When the stars fall down... by JoJoesArt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

raise yourself to infinity. --- Another old picture I overworked, this is so much fun! Tell me, do you like the overworked versions? Should I do mor. When the stars fall down.


It is saidwhenever the moonis in full-bloomand the sky is aglowin leafy green,the Unicorn of The Rosescan be seen.— The Unicorn of The Roses, by Carol Cavalaris.Artwork: The Unicorn of The Roses, by Carol Cavalaris.