Lions playing :)

Lion Father With His Cub: "Son! Watch those sharp claws of yours! They're digging into my fur!" Cub: "Oh! Sorry Dad!

King of the jungle. With battle scars to prove it.   #lion #beautiful #majestic

Majestic lion male with golden mane, Serengeti, Tanzania - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

bigcatkingdom: (! через Я сказал, нет фотографий Клаус Визе / 500px)

Photograph I said, no photos! by Klaus Wiese on Lion in Africa. this is what the spiritual enemy looks like. It's also what the enemy of the spiritual enemy looks like. The lion of the tribe of Judah. Only one will help or protect you choose wisely.

Hey.. hey momma do you want to know a secreat?

My favorite animal. White tigers- so sweet. Almost looks like baby is whispering in mom's ear. "Hey, mommy, I love you.

MOUNTAIN LION Credit: Brad Wilson Photography

Brad Wilson’s stunning animal close-up (puma/cougar/mountain lion)

Aww look at the babies hair!

"Mama - you are killing me with those jokes." Mother cheetah and her happy cub

Awwww I love lions!

I've always loved Lions.maybe because we have the same hair color.and maybe because I'm so protective of my babies. I love this picture. Like father like son