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Pisanello, design for a dragon salt cellar. Pen & ink drawing made in Naples, Now in the Louvre, Paris.

Pisanello (Antonio Pisano), 1394?-1455, Italian, Two hulls of ships brought one by a fish, the other by a dragon - from the Codex Vallardi, 15th century. Pen and brown ink, brown wash, preparatory drawn in black chalk (or charcoal ?), 24.2 × 40.8 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris. Early Renaissance.

Antonio di Puccio Pisano known as Pisanello - Two ships, one born by a dragon, the other by a fish, mid C.

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Pisanello. Ship born by a dragon, mid 15C. Codex Vallardi 2292 v., Louvre, Paris.

Ship born by a dragon, mid Codex Vallardi 2292 v.

Salamander walking among the remains (bones and others) of the dragon's meals. Detail from Pisanello's St. George and the Princess of Trebizond, c. 1436-38. Fresco. Pellegrini Chapel, Chiesa di Sant'Anastasia, Verona, Italy.

❤ - PISANELLO – - St George and the Princess of Trebizond (detail). Church of Sant’Anastasia, Verona.

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❤ - PISANELLO (1395 – 1455) - Vision of St Eustace (detail). National Gallery.

Vision of St Eustace (detail), Italy, by Pisanello (Antonio di Puccio Pisano).