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Ducks in a row!

All your duck(ling)s in a row. Farmer Chris Murray said: ?The ducklings had been incubated and this was their first outing after they hatched three days ago.Ducklings are wonderful, inquisitive animals.

A Tui a native birds of New Zealand feeding on a nectar of flax flower.

A Tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) on a Flax Flower (Linum usitatissimum)


hello world - fine lamb photography (and so farm fresh) - image hard backed. Awww, so sweet for a baby room, just love it!

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds Birds are very beautiful creation of god. Birds are indifferent part of our day to day li.

A little lunch gossip session. Wonderful shot!

Bird wants squirrel to share – The squirrel finds a piece of bread and it heads up to a branch. While eating a little bird arrives and asks if the squirrel is willing to share.

Cute and Fluffy Baby Chicks with a Golden Retriever

Cute and Fluffy Baby Chicks with a Golden Retriever