Ronan   the raven cycle   fan art

Ronan the raven cycle fan art Not exactly what I imagined Roman to look like but it's still really cool

I'm pretty sure I've already saved this

Josh Dun (If this is your art or you know the artist tell me so I can credit them)

the sun has come to save me

don’t mind me i’m just trying to figure out how i want to draw Ronan and his tatoo

Helpless by ribkaDory

Helpless by ribkaDory Couldn’t resist coloring it *U* and i also changed his face expression a little even i think it’s way too hot now

Boy hair...

I hate you Viria for creating older Nico with an undercut and tattoo I don’t even read the books anymore! And i have always been indifferent about Nico when i read the books. Stupid undercuts, tattoos and Italian boys.

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A Stollen Heart - #1

Não sei o que colocar aqui. Então finja que tem algo importante e viva com isso

Peter reading one of his sciency books (: Peter Parker belongs to Marvel ref used drawn in PaintTool SAI: edited in used Sirius-sdz Hmmm