A sushi bar is always the answer! http://www.stylemepretty.com/2015/12/09/wedding-reception-food-stations/ Photography: Christian OTH Studio - http://www.christianothstudio.com/

30 Mini Bars For The Ultimate Foodie Wedding

Or maybe your guests are fans of raw fish delicacies. either way, a sushi bar at a wedding reception is a sure way to please.

Rolled Sushi  Mosaic

Rolled Sushi Mosaic

A step by step tutorial how to make sushi rolls at home. Click for recipe: irinascutebox.blo...

Sushi {homemade}: recipe, try it at home, but make sure & get it tight. A step by step tutorial how to make sushi rolls at home.

MAMEZUSHI aka MAIKOZUSHI ~~~ mamezushi means small sushi bean and are named such due to the small and spherical shape (approx half-sized bites). sometimes they are called maikozushi to reflect the the district's many maiko residents (apprentice geisha). the above image's presentation is shared with us courtesy of, "restaurant mametora" in kyoto, japan. [rocketnews24] [Japan, Kyoto Modern] [plating inspiration, image only]

豆寅さんの豆すし。 【Canon EOS Mark Ⅲ / in “Mametora” , Kyoto / at work】

sushi cake

SUSHI / Hinamatsuri A dash of rice vinegar is added to sticky rice is mixed in with a few topped off with a bit of omelet, shrimp and why not caviar? After all Hinamatsuri celebrates dolls, girls and princesses!

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi | http://JustOneCookbook.com

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi -something like this, but on black marble and without the pine cone. -It would be amazing to include the shell of a sea urchin or full prawn instead of the pinecone

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Sushi {Cone style} with all the trimmings: Yum! Soy Sauce and call it a meal, "D"ebbie. Cone Sushi - I would eat the heck out of this right now.**so hungry**.

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