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▶ Jacques Palminger & Viktor Marek - Tüdeldub

▶ Jacques Palminger & Viktor Marek - Tüdeldub

the reason why you know some of ur best friends <3

Pierce The Veil / Paramore / Bring Me The Horizon / Fall Out Boy / My Chemical Romance / All Time Low / Sleeping With Sirens / Black Veil Brodes / Nirvana / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Journey / Kansas ;

Hawaiian Playground, 2008 Parents' Choice Award Approved Award - Audio #Music

Maker: Putumayo Kids Presents. Tracks: Disc: 1 - Right On - The Moonlighters, Disc: 1 - The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai - Teresa Bright, Disc: 1 - Po La'ila'i - Paiatea. Release Date: Item dimensions: width: height:


If I show you my song, read you my story, I am giving you a piece of me, of my heart, that not very many people ever see. All I ask in return is that you do not laugh at the seriousness of it or overlook the fact that I am giving you part of who I am.

dont think people are rude for having their headphones in.. you dont know what theyre secretly going through

Regina Spektor: You're using your headphones to drown out your mind. [or other people's music, as the case may be]

Have to have music on in the office, helps me stay focused!

Escape by Jay Roeder, freelance illustration, hand lettering & design

*NSYNC back in the day. Justin from then til now. This post is wonderful.

"Never underestimate a girl's love for her favorite band. Never think, even for a minute, that she won't defend them to her death. Because it's not just the music that makes that band her favorite.

This is true! Don't ever let someone tell you anything about your music. Because I it helps better then them

This is so true . Especially Black Veil Brides saves people i love you guys more then i could ever scream or cry 》》this is so true except my closest friends understand me


I love music. For me, music is morning coffee. It's mood medicine. It's pure magic. A good song is like a good meal - I just want to inhale it and then share a bite with someone else. We have tickets to your favorite concerts.

I'm going through concert with drawls

Concerts and music festivals are one of the happiest places in the world -- listening to your favorite band with a thousand other fans. Music brings people together and creates unforgettable bonds.

Secretly Designed 'Don't Be Sharp' 8-inch x 10-inch Art Print

Showcase your love for the intricacies of music and word play with this witty art print. Simply frame and hang this piece to create a charming, whimsical statement.