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It’s called suicide because it’s your choice. Give up smoking. Anti Smoking Help Line Ad by Mercury 360

Hãy để ngôn từ của bạn là 'vũ khí' chấm dứt chiến tranh!   Thích gì ghim ngay kẻo lỡ!

POSTER - This ad promotes talking about issues instead of resorting to violence. It transforms weapons into tools that are used to speak.

Life turns in a sentence campaign by Leo Burnett for Swiss Life. Great headlines.

The next time I go through a break-up, I'm calling him "my-everything-went-wrong". Sounds better than "ex". Clever insurance ad copy by Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich

RSPCA advertising

Australia: animali con occhi umani, come ci somigliano cani, gatti & Co - Repubblica.it

RSPCA Queensland: Chicken We share more than of our genes with chickens. We're all creatures great & small.

Nós encontramos 27 dos anúncios impressos mais deslumbrantes ou inteligentes espalhados por aí. Eles são realmente impressionantes, apesar de serem...

27 anúncios impressos incrivelmente criativos que você vai adorar

King Khalib Foundation - This ad captures the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words. The symmetry is what make this ad--using the other side to show the difference.

Похожее изображение

Похожее изображение

“We’re celebrating 50 years of fighting against violence, torture and executions.”

Amnesty International Ad Campaign: We’re celebrating 50 years of fighting against violence, torture and executions Advertising Agency: TBWA, Germany

33 Awesome Print Ads That Will Make You Think Twice – The Awesome Daily - Your daily dose of awesome

33 Awesome Print Ads That Will Make You Think Twice

karenhurley: “ If you want a stronger marriage, work on it together Advertising Agency: Salt Lake City, USA Via ”

DesignEtiquette https://www.fanprint.com/licenses/los-angeles-chargers?ref=5750

Clever nature and outdoor living ads are the last thing you'd expect from a company known chiefly for its chainsaws.

(981) Advertising and Advertisements: What is the greatest print advert of all time and why? - Quora

August 1981 full-page newspaper ad run by Apple in the Wall Street Journal welcoming IBM to the personal computer marketplace.

5 Creative and Effective Minimal Print Ads

5 Creative and Effective Minimal Print Ads

Lego Print Ad This is a super simple, yet super clever ad that makes use of a single image, and doesn't even use copy. It shows that Lego is more than just a toy - it's about imagination for the kids that use them.