Welcome to the second edition of the Shapeways Community journal. We collected the best of your stories on the forum and social media and compiled them int

Kevin Mack has used many different types of media to explore his artistic vision in paint, sculpture, photography and more. His latest sculptures are printed, allowing him to produce pieces with new levels of intricate, fine detail.

printing is about to blow your mind. Read more about this Bespoke Innovations artificial limb

Printed Coleopterera Beetle by Josh Harker's - Prove you're not afraid of bugs.

The Chemistry of 3D Printing

Boy's Surface Lampshade - Math Decor By Dizingof Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Faking a Color 3d Print

Use paper, a printer, and a laser cutter (or similar method of cutting paper) to fake a color print.

Say What?! The World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth

the world’s first printing photo booth in Japan Maybe something for Printer Chat

They have been on the cutting edge of printing, bringing to fruition uses which we have never seen before from the technology.

Picture of Blooming Zoetrope Sculptures by kinetic artist John Edmark.

TinyMtn Sculptures

If outdoor adventure is in your DNA, and a vacation consisting of relaxing on the beach sounds about as boring as a watching C-SPAN, these little pieces of art

“Emerging Venus”: Kim Thoman’s Printed Sculptures Designed to Embody Dualities