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Since 1953, Elizabeth has ruled with unshakable British resolve, riding horses through assasination attempts, talking down bedroom intruders, and steering the world through troubled times without ever mismatching her handbag and shoes. Whether she's just hanging with her Corgis, wearing brogues in Balmoral, or parading in pearls, the Queen remains an icon of fashion and fortitude.
The world's richest nerd they say, but Bill Gates has the business foresight that most never gain in their entire lifetimes!
Great-Grandfather Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels. Such a huge inspiration in my life.
He started by selling newspapers on the street at 6 years old, W.Clement Stone achieved his goal to 'Change the world for the better for this and future generations' with Combined Insurance Company of America.
These two started so young but Larry Page and Sergey Brin build an empire with Google.  All I can say is - well done!
Andreas von Bechtolsheim, originally from Germany, has always had an interest in electronics even from an early age.  He built and sold his first industrial controller at age 16 and later went on to co-found SUN Microsystems valued at $1 billion just six years later.  He also gave the 'Google Boys', Larry Page and Sergey Brin, some of their first seed money ($100,000) which they later used to launch Google!!521148051?utm_medium=earned
Shadows of the Past: Wednesday Writing Wisdom (7) J K Rowling