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Arkham Asylum, Ivy would still be green but other than that these are amazing

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum villain trivia for all of you! If anyone knows me, they know that I am obsessed with my Serena Kyle tattoo.

Maleficent and the Evil Queen by vvernacatola @deviantart

This might be some of my FAV villain artwork! Maleficent and the Evil Queen by vvernacatola

Why I Love Villains (some, b/c there are villains who are just plain evil) *These characters in particular are not necessarily villains per se, but they are victims who went through tragic events and decided to go on the path of evil, and to them there is no truer justice than doing it by their own terms. Or felt that they had no other choice/path to follow,

Why I Love Villains

Why I Love Villains <<< and of course Darth Sidious is one of these villains-victims, duh ^_^

Fiercest Females in Marvel & DC Comics: An Infographic

Fiercest Females in Comics: An Infographic

Villainous Female Marvel and DC characters Inforgraphic! Not a big DC fan but I've always been drawn to poison ivy. It's something about a bad bitch that makes me strive to just as strong.

Antagonist worksheet

Villains (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Creative Writing Worksheet – A Perfect Villain (PDF) There’s nothing quite like a really memorable villain to add drama to a story! Use this worksheet to craft the perfect villain. You might also like the Love Your Antagonist worksheet!

Yup, I married her...

Warning: These 5 Points Will Help You Create Awesome Female Villains

20 Disney Villains And Their Infamous Quotes. Can I just say I heard every single one of their voices reading the quotes in my head

20 Disney Villains And Their Infamous Quotes…this most evil (quotes, that is) would be Cruella, Ursula, Mother Gothel, and Hans.

"You know a writer is good when they can build a villain's back story sad enough that you feel bad for them now matter how horrible they are "

Like tom riddle/voldemort from HP, Levana from lunar chronicles, Dinah from queen of hearts.

It's about sending a message.  It's because to him nothing really matters. It's just paper. But he knows how it'll effect others

It's about sending a message

The Joker is (in my opinion) one of the greatest villains of all time. He truly wants the world to burn, and Heath Ledger did an amazing job transferring that to the screen.

and that's why joker is the creepiest and also my favorite.

Why Batman's enemies did what they did

Batman's Enemies Lol sassy joker "I did it cuz I wanted to"

#wattpad #random Random Marvel pictures I find on the Internet that I want to share.

Marvel Stuff - Bucky and Loki

For many reasons, I think Loki is more the antihero than the actual villain, as we will see in future films, <Loki is misunderstood

#Venom marvel-dc-others

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