Miki Suizan (1887-1957), "Fair Wind (Junpū)," 1933.

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Miki Suizan: Daimonji Mountain (Daimonji yoru no kiyamachi)

torii gallery: Evening at Kiyamachi during the Daimonji Festival by Suizan Miki 1924

Lilac Linen Tank

Lilac Linen Tank

A delightfully light and breezy tank made from factory surplus linen and trimmed with antique lace.

Vintage Illustration - Lee Sutton, via Flickr - Artwork: Kobayakawa Klyoshi 1930

This Yamakawa Shuho’s ink and colour screen shows the convergence of the old and the new. The old stripes and the new stripes coming together. Yamakawa Shuho Relaxing in the Shade 1933

Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1896-1948): The Mistress Okichi (of Townsend Harris), woodblock print, ca. 1932.

Japanese Woodblock prints including The Mistress Okichi (of Townsend Harris) by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi.


Hamaya Hiroshi Dancer Looking at Herself in a Mirror, Ballroom Florida, Akasaka, Tokyo, 1935

Ikat Jaspe Travel Bag -- Perfect for that weekend getaway you have planned!

This beautiful suitcase/tote is handcrafted from handwoven “jaspe” (ikat) fabric, a Guatemalan weave fabric with irregular stripes. There’s plenty of room to st

Kimiaki Yaegashi - Michael Jackson

The Curious, Colorful Art of Kimiaki Yaegashi

大正ロマン 錦紗蝶尽くし模様着物(拡大)

大正ロマン 錦紗蝶尽くし模様着物(拡大)