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What if there was a vineyard or something that had these dragons to keep pests away or an au where dragons are common and intelligent like humans and they can be small or HUGE and it's awesome and stuff.

Au where dragons are born of fruits. The colour and nature of their fruit dictate their personality and role in the human world. Farms are made to raise dragons and be sold to humans.

(open RP) This is Ash, she's loyal and brave, but has trouble controling her anger, making her brash and sometimes uncontrolable. she is going to inherite the pack as the alpha wolf.

I am very big for a pup but my mother doesn't care. I am prince of the pack son of the alpha and lead female. I am Tonori.

The Necromancer, Benjamin Ee on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2WgxY

Lately I’ve had a bit of a gravitation towards yaas queens with a boss ass bitch kind of attitude, and it always seems that necromancers have plenty of that. :P This painting was a lot of fun, especially tying in the botanical theme with her unnatural and

Kinda Doc

Some Prof. between other work at super big thank you to all of the sweet comments and likes! I shake u warmly by the hand.- also look at his hairy leg I'm still laughing at it. - art by Prince Canary