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Den Film und Serien Sew-Along hab ich letztes Jahr schon bewundert und beschlossen beim nächsten mal mitzumachen. Willkommen beim nächsten mal! Der erste Post ist eigentlich als Inspiration und Ide…

Film- und Serien Sew-a-long ’17

Peggy + Steve #marvel

Agent Carter - Peggy Carter + Captain America: I suppose I just wanted a second chance at keeping him safe.

First part, funny. Once it gets to the lower part... nononononononono

I somehow accidentally started shipping Stucky and I absolutely love this.


sass is clearly the most important shield recruitment policy>>Pinning for that comment XD

"You gave him a cold?" - Daniel and Peggy #AgentCarter

Love how she is thinking about tea when the person she's got with a tranq gun and kidnapped is in the broom closet 😂😂