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how to draw a horse.. :: discover ideas like this on http://www.SchulmanArt.blogspot.com

horse anatomy - how to draw a horse step by step - So cool. I hope that I can draw horses like this one day.


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Drawing Tips - because I am terrible at drawing the male figure male vs female torso how to draw

So helpful!

If your having trouble drawing a person, think about the shape of the eye first. This way you get a realistic look to who it might become! O my goeh this is the most helpful thing ever with anime eyes :D

Fabric wrinkles and fold video tutorial on ConceptCookie (citizen access)

With over 150 votes, this was the top tutorial request and now you can watch the tutorials on creating clothing wrinkles and fabric folding! Clothing Wrinkles and Fabric Folding Reference


Proportion guide for how to draw the female head. from the book Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis.

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this how to draw manga boy's hair manga girl's hair this how to draw manga' eyes this one, how to dram manga' nose and mouth this one, how to draw manga's face after do this step, you can go to the next step " How to Draw Manga's Expresion"