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Artist Bears For Adoption - Bear Pile
Puppy sculpt. VEGANIZE this, please! Art and creativity should NEVER support or condone animal cruelty and exploitation. Make sure your art/craft supplies aren't sourced from animals (such as "wool" felt, mohair, angora or alpaca fur, silkworm thread, etc.) and that they reflect a true reverence for life. Always use animal-free alternatives. Be kind. Be fair. Be vegan.
Chico the chihuahua puppy by By Jelena K. | Bear Pile
Chihuahua on the palm. By Tsybina Natali - Bear Pile
chihuahua By Tsybina Natali - Bear Pile
Angelica by By Michelle Nunnery | Bear Pile
Sonya by By Sadovskaya Tatiana | Bear Pile
Truffles by By Delane Summerwood | Bear Pile
Hello, friends! That's so sweet I turned Sweetie breed chihuahua. It is made with a plush, her 5 movable joints, reinforced with wire legs, nose fashioned from plastic, glass eyes. Come with your passport in a gift box.   Ordering Information: Sending sent within two working days after payment.  Each of my work has a passport with a personal seal of the artist.
Image of "D" is for Darling - Shabby Pup Dog in romper   ~ 8" size  *  Whendi's Bears