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Designer Niels Nolta and art director Josip Kelava pair an elegant palette with pops of color for Duvenage’s new fashion identity.

Branding and Identity design for SH Jewellery.

Branding and Identity design for SH Jewellery.

luxury soap for the holidays. According to Christian  tradition, three wise men guided by a star came to worship the baby Jesus.  Each brought an offering: gold, myrrh and incense. It is to celebrate this  symbol that we've designed this present. In the form of a gold bar, with

byHAUS - Trois Mages Gold Soap

Trois Mages - Festive Gold Bar Soap on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Have you ever clicked a link for something on Pinterest, and then been redirected to the home page or blog of that site only to have no idea what you're looking at? So many times I get lost on blogs, looking for something in particular that I saw on Pinterest, only to give up a few seconds later and click away. You may think your blog is incredibly user friendly, but that's because you designed it and know where everything lives. If someone was visiting your blog for the first time, wo...

Starting and Running a Business All-in-One For Dummies. Written by a team of business and finance experts, Starting & Running a Business All-In-One For Dummies is a complete guide to every aspect of setting up a

Strigo Apparel Branding by Memo & Moi | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Strigo Apparel Branding by Memo & Moi

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Maslinovo (Student Work)

Maslinovo (Student Work)

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