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(T/N: He’s referring to his cover of Jung Joon Il’s ‘Hug Me’) ” Trans cr;


"Aww, what's the matter Hobi hyung?" "Some ARMY bought me a snakeu plushy and I don't know what to do with it.

Höchstes Ranking : #4 in Fan-Fiction     Ella bekam eine falsche Numm… #fanfiction Fan-Fiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Page 3 Read Art Teacher from the story *ON HOLD* Meet me in the art room. "I swear one day Taehyung-".

His lips!!! Can I kiss em

Kim Taehyung / V , BTS / Bangtan Boys. Ahh why does he remind me so much of…

#wattpad #non-fiction My attempt to make covers + prompts + additional puns                        Usually minimalism+simple!  ****** #Microsoft paint struggle  Mature: in only like 2 chapters so yah...

Cover+story ideas - Lipstick

Bangtan Boys ❤ Taehyung ( v ) Damn this boy is beautiful!

Suga | Min Yoongi lol common Suga face

When you realize your friend got more lines than you in the play although you've had more training and experience and are nicer to the director. *sighs* Yoongi is even her bias>>honey I'm sorry for your loss

He is looking soo cute  # V aka Kim Taehyung

He is looking soo cute 😙😙😍 # V aka Kim Taehyung

Happy Birthday my love ❤❤❤ I love you so much Tae you deserve all the love and happiness ❤

Read from the story Tae Tae - k. taehyung ✔ by loserswagger (☆) with reads.