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I absolutely adore cacti--always have adored them. I love going into garden centers in the cacti sections and just hanging around with them. Each plant is so unique, with it's own oddball growth habit, and seemingly its own personality. Many look animal-like, as if they're just gonna start walking around.... --Pia (Saguaro Cactus, Arizona

US: Saguaro Cactus, Arizona. It takes the Saguaro 75 years to grow just one arm. So this cactus would be 375 years old.

Arizona Saguaros

Four Peaks Three Saguaros - Paul Gill Fascinating plant. It blooms night after night to attract bats. Whole forests of them in Tucson

The Paniolo Guest Ranch Tucson.  Desert saguaro cactus

The Paniolo Guest Ranch, Tucson, Arizona - desert saguaro cactus.

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make into cross stitch--Cacti, Saguaro National Park, Arizona. By Colin Stouffer 2 hours from Phoenix.near Tucson

Cacti at the Arizona Botanical Garden

Opuntia microdasys at the Arizona Botanical Garden - endemic to northern and central Mexico