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Trellis for Sister M. Nikola.

Trellis for Sister M.

Best Plants for a Trellis

Best Plants for a Trellis

Best Plants for a Trellis - When selecting the best plants for a trellis, it is important to consider the natural habits of the plant.

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How to Make a Grape Vine Trellis From T-Posts | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Make a Grape Vine Trellis From T-Posts

Grapes and other vine plants need a support structure to control the rapid growth and prevent the vines from growing where you don't want them. A lattice provides a decorative structure for .

Knitty: little purls of wisdom thinking beyond the pattern article on sizing and fitting a sweater

this pattern is similar to the lace scarf i just pinned- a bit prettier though

hummingbirds literally flock to this particular wisteria (Amethyst Falls)

Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Wisteria Amethyst Falls has 12 inch elegant clusters of fragrant flowers. This is a noninvasive variety the fills the landscape with brilliant color, without taking over.

Silver Falls Dichondra Ground Cover  Doesn't mind heat and drought!  Perfect for hanging baskets or stunning ground cover in the garden! Let your hanging baskets and sunny annual bed really gleam this year with Silver Falls, the stunning foliage plant that sports velvety-soft silvery leaves, glistening silver stems, and a "never-say-quit" cascading habit that spreads up to 5 feet!

Silver Falls Dichondra Ground Cover Seeds