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I don't even nkow where to pin this

Funny pictures about Bohemian Rhapsody is not good? Oh, and cool pics about Bohemian Rhapsody is not good? Also, Bohemian Rhapsody is not good?


This is exactly what would happen if the Divergent, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson fandom characters went out to lunch. So true that it's funny. >OMG the bread comment from Tris!

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The is literally the thing I do every single night before I go to sleep. --> I'm not sure I can fall asleep without doing that anymore.>>> I have found my people

the death toll on all sides of a superwholock episode would be massive.

It doesn't matter cuz the death toll would be huge in both groups ----> I have the DVD of Thats So Sweet Life Of Hannah Montana okay and I watch it every month.----> I would do that if it was the SuperWhoLock mash up


Have a channel just for fandom game shows. I would watch it all the time.

So true

bookfessions I have a love/hate relationship with ereaders. I love them because I can carry as many books with me as I want. I hate them because I miss the feeling and smell of a real book in my hands. Also, ebooks are cheaper

Guys! This is from Uncle Rick's newest blogpost! This is CANNON.

Can you imagine him just playing the kazoo nonstop and Annabeth is just *eye twitches* and finally Sally walks in and just takes it away lolol

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If you don't think this is true, you're not watching the right shows》》》 *cough* merlin *cough* sherlock

Vocaloid's "Cendrillon" is essentially that first one. // Some of these are interesting

Moana is trying to escape the island to the sea because the chief government as been overthrown and she is now a slave.

I was liking this......until the end...feels hit me hard

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ ~Hunger Games~ ~Catching Fire~ ~Mockingjay~ Tris you just got served a slice of dauntless CAKE

The most common sentence Hunger Games vs Harry Potter vs Twilight

The most common sentence Hunger Games vs Harry Potter vs Twilight

The 10 Most Common Sentences In “Hunger Games”, “Harry Potter” And “Twilight”… more reasons to hate twilight. Haha burn twilight, this sums up your story

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Percy Jackson: I loved that movie! Who's Nico/Leo? They literally fell in love!>>> Okey I'm not even in the Percy Jackson fandom and that hurt