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A6M3_Type32_Tainan_Kokutai_V174 2

Pin de Gustavo Bueso-Jacquier // Zero fighter of the Japanese Navy Tainan Air Group, date unknown

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Note lack of forward armour-glass and side armour-plating. Very hard to compete against that agility in a dogfight, unless you dice away & return from height.


A Nakajima fighter / float plane showing pilot and ground crew ar work.

Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zero-Sen", early war version (1942-1943) with long wings and short cannon in wings.

Mitsubishi "Zero-Sen", early war version with long wings and short cannon in wings.


零式艦上戦闘機 写真特集


Japanese Nakajima B5N 1st flew 1937 & combat debut year later.In 1941,carrier-capable torpedo-bomber became famous when participated in attack on Pearl Harbor.Over 140 B5Ns participated in Pearl Harbor attack,accounting for over 10% of total production,which reached about 1,150.Long glass cockpit held 3 crew & armed with 1 machine gun & either large torpedo or bomb. Powered by Nakajima radial & with hydraulically actuated retractable landing gear,B5N variants reached top speeds of 235mph.

This page details the development and operational history of the Nakajima (Kate) Carrier-Borne Torpedo Bomber including technical specifications and pictures.


Celebrating the aircraft designed and built on Long Island, along with some other planes I think are beautiful.