Bev Doolittle "Pintos" c.2000 Bev Doolittle [American Painter and Printmaker, born in 1947] A contemporary example of the "fade-away" style used in Mrs. Doolittle's optical illusion-based paintings. She is often called a "camouflage artist." She says "I use camouflage to slow down the storytelling in a painting. But my messages about our wilderness and native peoples are never hidden."

Beverly Doolittle "Pintos" - I think Beverly Doolittle is the best camouflage artist out there. This is my favorite painting of hers.

How many horses do you see?

I think there are or 12 horses in this? I wish I could remember the artist. She does neat stuff.


Hidden Faces Illusions will comprise of the naturally occurring images, the digitally edited images and the paintings.

Read the print......this is pretty cool.

This picture was taken directly above the camels in the desert at sunset. It is considered one of the best pictures of the year. Look closely, the camels are the little white lines in the picture. The black camels you see are just the shadows!

wolf hidden painting | Purple Mountain" -- Can you find and identify the various animals ...

Find The Hidden Images

Hidden Mountain Illusion - Find out the number of faces in this picture. answer in the end (try it once) Do you see the illusions?

A Cherokee con Amor.

is it a hawk or horses! i love Bev Doolittles work.native picture in pictures kK

the four ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring backgrounds, horse, people, vikings and women

the four ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring backgrounds, horse, people, vikings and women


I love everything about this pic.the three running horses, their clear reflection in the water, the hazy blue mountain background, the freedom.

Four Wolves by Judy Larson, a wildlife camouflage artist, a collection of art with horses and wolves with concealed hidden images.

Four Wolves by Judy Larson, an amazing scratchboard artist, I think her skill at hiding things in her artwork is simply incredible