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Yeah I tell this to my sister

I'll be watching tv and a commercial and mom will be like fast forward and I'll say everybody sht up . even if i've seen the movie

What really happens on page 120 of Catching Fire, according to Peeta

What really happens on page 120 of Catching Fire, according to Peeta. by juliette i love josh hutcherson so much

Oh Harry.... What are we gonna do with you?

I didn't know one had to train a hot dog. Ok now go into the bun and be smothered in mustard.<<< Hot dog trainer and Chinese rice Farmer?

Or just a bunch of stupid crazy teenagers trying to kill each other..

Really, it's so much more than kids killing each other. :P Hate trying to explain to people. JUST READ IT!


Best Mulan quote EVER. The emperor is breakin' it down for him. (haha he is soo slow)

This is fantastic. What will we do without the beard in Catching Fire?

So this is pretty awesome! Too bad I almost never use mugs -- I was just watching The Hunger Games last night, and I was thinking to myself "If I was a dude and I could grow facial hair, I would want a beard just like Seneca Crane's.

Well, yeah I remember watching his old movies when I was little. How could someone not know who he was before the hunger games???

josh hutcherson before the hunger games. little manhattan. bridge to terribithia.

...this is true

Going to the grocery store just isn't a priority when the fate of a fictional character is hanging in the balance. Might be fun to have a meme contest for library slogans.

Does that mean m from the capitol? lol

"Hello, I love the Hunger Games! But I hate the people in the Capitol- because they love to Watch the Hunger Games.