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Funny pictures about One way to liven up a Starbucks visit. Oh, and cool pics about One way to liven up a Starbucks visit. Also, One way to liven up a Starbucks visit.

Ninja. Haha

So true.if only I could get out of bed when I wake up on time

LOVE this! Will be picking up a box of Get Well cards tomorrow!  :-)

Today’s Housekeeping Tip: Keep strategically placed get well cards on your mantel… Too funny. and a great idea'


To do list.

read the second paragraph then look at his grade...hilarious!

My buddy decided that his Prof. does not read past the first paragraph

read the second paragraph, then look at his grade. Kid=Win, Teacher=Fail Teachers, read your students' essays.

This is horribly accurate. e_e    Also, I'm still young, but it's amazing what a difference there is between 18 and 25.

All too familiar. The Allnighter. PHD Comics by Jorge Cham -- I'm way too familiar with this concept.

Best solution for overpopulation... I feel like an awful human being for laughing at this.

Best solution for overpopulation.

Orchestra funny

I'm in TREBLE! I ran over something SHARP and now my tire is FLAT! I need a QUARTER for the phone. Do I need to REPEAT any of that?-----thank you music lessons for teaching me how to read music notes!

Haha yes

Haha yes