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The regret has never been greater.

The regret has never been greater.

I was hoping for a nice time alone at the museum. Apparently he was also having a slow day.

Taking notes to remember

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14 Things You Didn't Even Realize You Stopped Doing


I laughed out loud at this. I think the farmer tried to milk that cow his own way.

Yep. All the time.

Funny pictures about My Stomach Hates Me. Oh, and cool pics about My Stomach Hates Me. Also, My Stomach Hates Me photos.

Jeremy Sumpter

oh peter pan.how many times did i watch that movie? i had to be the only one of my friends who knew that kid's name was jeremy sumpter. My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended. I regret nothing.

Dad cooks a deer and doesn't tell the kids what it is. He gives one clue. It's what your mother calls me. The boy yells, it's a fucking dick, don't eat it. Im laughing so hard right now!

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 And THIS is why I've been practicing! Hahahah yeah no it isn't xD

"One minute of kissing burns 26 calories. No wonder those sluts are so damn skinny." ~Unknown Oh wait, guess I fit in this category;

Pinterest Obsession by Gorgeous Joan

Pintrest: proof that other people like the same shit that i do - 1313 Blackberry Lane

Haha. I always kicked butt on my ugly, backyard, self trained horses...awesome feeling beating the $20k warmbloods!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: One minute your posts are cussing folk out. The next minute you're quoting scriptures. Can you say Bipolar?