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WTNV: My Boy by Aelwen on DeviantArt

He is my boy. He is my buddy! I love him so much. oh no, I'm just lying here, crying for Cecil and Koshekh and the cats I have lost.

WTNV FanArt: Goodnight by *NinaKask on deviantART

WTNV FanArt: Goodnight by *NinaKask on said that these may be the three figures huddled on the edge of the universe, which sounds about right


27 Tweets From Night Vale That Will Make You Question Reality

inkskratches: “ beautiful, perfect if you don’t stop that smacking right now i will slap that gluten-free burger out of your hand ”

Welcome to Night Vale / Welcome to Desert Bluffs by dameonmac14

Welcome to Night Vale / Welcome to Desert Bluffs. I hate Desert Bluffs.

Welcome to Night Vale fanart. Cecil, Carlos, Old Woman Josie, and that offensive jerk, the Apache Tracker

"The Woman from Italy - WTNV by mmishee on DeviantArt" — Cecil gets possessed.