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Rough Collies are generally bred in the Scottish Highlands and also in some highland areas of Britain, specifically for the purpose of herding sheep.

Northern Classic Collies

Northern Classic Collies

Beautiful Rough Collie with the right coat for the snow

Beautiful tri-color Rough Collie with the right coat for the snow

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❤️ Classic and beautiful Sable Collie

❤️ Classic/beautiful Sable Collie Miss my tippy-earred beauty, Sadie Lee

The white collie: rare.  We love our girl.  @Michele Goswick does this take you to your happy place?

Looks like my Brodie! The white collie: rare, we bred and owned a few beautiful white collies.

Brotherly Love

Rough collies - Blue merle and mahogany able .my two boys Finny and Loki Magoo!