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"Look overhead to see the summer Milky Way." Photo from EarthSky.org.

You can see the Milky Way - the edgewise view into our own galaxy - in the night sky. Here it is as viewed in the night sky of Australia. ~ by Erin Cole

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Milky Way Over Destin Canvas Print / Canvas Art by JC Findley

campfire meteor shower. I'd like to have a night like this.

Campfire Meteor, Colorado photo via rose Reminds me of the scene in Pocahontas where she is laying down and looking at the stars and it makes a cat's face.

How the Sun looks from the same place same time, every week of the year. The pattern is known as 'analemma'

really neat! almost an infinity symbol - pp said "Individual images taken of Venus in one year to create a full curve. The summer solstice being at the top, winter solstice at the bottom, and equinox where the lines cross (by Jesús Peláez)"


Milky Way and faint aurora over Sørtinden in Tromvik, Norway. photo: John A Hemmingsen.

They come in pieces :)  Comet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Comet Hale Bopp As It Flies Over The Sky Of Pazin In Istria, Croatia Credit: Philipp Salzgeber, For more on comets, visit www.