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Wenn Haare lügen: Eine kurze Geschichte der Frisur von Donald Trump

Is Trump a sociopath? - Taking his biographer’s claim seriously

Ken Ham and his followers may think they’re defending Christianity and ensuring that our faith will be passed along to future generations, but the reality is they’re putting our children and grandchildren at risk of rejecting the faith entirely. I think what’s particularly tragic is that it doesn’t have to be this way; what Ken …

How Ken Ham's Religion Pushes Our Children Towards Atheism

Ken Ham: “Dinosaurs Perished In Flood After Noah Refused To Let Them Board His Ark For Homosexuality “

Donald Trump (@DonnyTrumpy) | Twitter

donald trump news now Finally somebody stepped up and said it. Obama has constantly praised BLM and given awards to its leaders for the outstanding job they have been doing. Look What Black Police Chief in El Paso Said About Black Lives Matter

WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’ – The Washington Feed

WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’ and WikiLeaks has never been proven wrong, ever, about anything!

Whats New and Has My Attention

Donald Trump said he did not produce the Republican National Convention but just "showed up for the final speech," distancing himself from how he previously characterized his relationship to the event.

Trump long nose

Cyber expert drops Senate intel bombshell: Russia targets Trump with fake news because he’ll repeat it

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote has now topped 2.5 million, the New York Times reported on Thursday. That 1.9 percent margin over President-elect Donald Trump is larger than that of nine previous presidents who actually won. To put it another way, Hillary Clinton won a greater Popular Vote than the last nine presidents elected.

Clinton Lead Tops 2.5 Million as Trump Popular Vote Lie Spreads

Trump has the greatest Popular Vote Loss of any US president in history. Don't ever let him or his supporters forget it!

Trump's crudness

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump denies mocking a disabled reporter during a campaign address this week. Does this man have no principles at all?