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Thrush-babbler (Ptyrticus turdinus)

Ruwenzori Hill-babbler (Pseudoalcippe atriceps) (Formerly included in Pseudoalcippe abyssinica)

Brown Bullfinch (Pyrrhula nipalensis)

Medium-sized to large, blunt-billed bullfinch with long and slightly notched tail.

Tawny-shouldered Blackbird (Agelaius humeralis)

Cozumel Wren (Troglodytes beani) (Formerly included in Troglodytes aedon)

Rufous-winged Illadopsis (Illadopsis rufescens)

Stout, chunky, short-tailed babbler, blackish-maroon with creamy-yellowish bill, grey head and distinctive hoarse calls.

Gray Wren-warbler (Calamonastes simplex)

A rather long-legged, dark grey warbler that habitually waves its long, dark tail. Has grey-brown face with narrow white shaft streaks, dark grey-brown crown and uppe

Brubru (Nilaus afer)

Nominate race has extensive elongated (up to 45 mm) crest of greyish-white feathers on mid-crown, shorter (c. 10 mm) crest of whitish spiky

Reinward's Babbler (Turdoides reinwardtii)

Fairly large Turdoides babbler, tail not particularly long, with solid blackish hood, plain grey-brown upperparts and spotted breast.

Speckle-fronted Weaver (Sporopipes frontalis)

Small, pale finch-like weaver with distinctive head pattern.

European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)

Small streaked pipit with rounded wings and slender Has pale eyering,

Fischer's Sparrow-lark (Eremopterix leucopareia)

A dark brown and greyish warbler with pale-tipped undertail-coverts, comparatively short tail of twelve broad rounded feathers. Nominate race has top and side of head dark olive-