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If we put a giant mirror 10 lightyears away from Earth and looked at it through telescope, theorestically, we'd see 20 years into the past because of the time it takes light to travel.

Mind blown.

Stacy Makes Cents The Daily Duh - Do you know what I just found out? Chinese take out boxes are meant to be folded out flat into plates! WHO KNEW? I don't even like Chinese food, but this just amazed me. I'm easily amazed. LOL Tip from Food Beast.

How you can tell the temperature outside…

How you can tell the temperature outside // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Very Useful information for men... Who would have thought?

Useful information…

Fascinating: Testicular cancer, chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG), and home pregnancy tests. How taking a pregnancy test can actually save a man's life!

. . . I thought that the stores were just helping us cool off after walking through the parking lot in 90 degree weather.

You should learn something new everyday and to help you I have put together a list of interesting facts. I did not verify these facts but if they are true they are pretty cool.<<<<< that blast of air is the best feeling on a hot day

To know what you don't know > 8fact!

So the reason my body turns into a raisin is because I'm really just tapping into my inner mermaid capability to grip things.

Actually, theoretically, if you have a superior parietal lobe, you could create possible scenarios and therefore faces. Einstein did so, and he had a far larger than normal parietal lobe.

The human brain cannot create faces. Therefore when you dream, if you see someone you do not know, you have seen their face before- even if it was for a split second.

Correction: type in  47.110579, 9.227568  in google maps and click on the green arrow, then navigate around.

Ima check this out .it should be interesting. the original post said. time travel anyone? this is awesomee!

Nutrition Matters #3: Apples are actually stronger than caffeine when it comes to keeping a person awake.

Nutrition Matters Apples are actually stronger than caffeine when it comes to keeping a person awake.

Righ  :-) or left  :-(

WTF-FUN-FACTS - I have to pay attention next time I cry which eye releases the first tear.