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This Day in History: Aug 15, 1969: The Woodstock festival opens in Bethel, New York:

My novel "Hippie Drum" is inspired by experiences like this. Hippie elegance in the Woodstock mud. (The legal drinking age in New York at the time, we should note, was Just if you were wondering.

U.S. Woodstock, 1969

High school fashions, 1969 i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella? these are high school fashions in 1969 photographed by arthur shatz for life magazine. Hippie Hugs with LOVE, Michele

Woodstock through the eyes of the attendees (1969)

Woodstock through the eyes of the attendees (1969

Burner, David. Making Peace With The 60s. 1996. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. (Photograph by Ken Heyman at Woodstock, 1969.)

The hippie counter culture movement involved a variety of social concerns and beliefs. The hippies’ primary tenet was that life was about being happy, not about what others thought you should be. Their “if it feels good, do it”

Woodstock 1969

Shirtless Male Drummer and Dress Wearing Female Flutist Jamming During Woodstock Music Festival Premium Photographic Print by Bill Eppridge .