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150503 BTS photocard distributed to ARMY at Inkigayo

Suga' face is like adorable puppy and then his personality is just like idgaf swag fuck off haters I'm the Min Yoongi *takes nap*

#Suga #BTS  Hi, I'm Angela, please follow me on Snap: angela_rn02 and instagram: angela.rnjr I speak Spanish and little English. Tell me!

: Min Yoongi - Left last boyfriend because of lack of chemistry :. He smiles. "Hi everybody, I'm Min Yoongi, but you can just call me Yoongi. I'm a 22 year old guy from Busan in South Korea, and I'm gay. Please feel free to come talk to me.

Yoongi || Suga || Agust D

B T S * ARMY Membership Kit * Suga BTW that's me when someone wakes me up.at every moment of the day/night

My SUGA Bear!!!

I quit I can't take the fact that he's a rapper, look at him wth.He is too darn cute even his predebut he looked adorable, don't change Suga, please.