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orig11.deviantart.net c62a f 2016 190 9 9 2d__gorillaz__wallpaper_phone_by_mishkagammi-da9dfua.png

orig11.deviantart.net c62a f 2016 190 9 9 2d__gorillaz__wallpaper_phone_by_mishkagammi-da9dfua.png

rebloggy.com post gif-music-edit-animated-gif-gorillaz-music-videos-transparent-2d-damon-albarn 94742433485

music gorillaz Clint Eastwood gorillaz gif the gorillaz Clint Eastwood gif

пуленепробиваемый-яйца: ““ Гориллаз (+ speedpainting) Пуленепробиваемое-яйца ” ”

bulletproof-eggs: ““ Gorillaz (+ speedpainting) by Bulletproof-Eggs ” ”

Should be a new album cover   IF THEY EVER MADE ONE

Here is a place where I will post all of the official Gorillaz art. I claim none of this art and it is all created by Jamie Hewlett. I will NOT be posting any fan art (including edits).

Estaré actualizando cada semana ;) n-n

No distance left to run (2Dle) - parque

Murdoc Selfie by EddieHolly on DeviantArt

Continuing my series of Gorillaz Selfies. Here's Murdoc More Gorillaz Fanart Murdoc Selfie

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Listening to Too Sunny by Gorillaz VS Bobby Hebb via Stereomood

art by Jamie Hewlett

Gorillaz posters: Gorillaz poster featuring the cartoon characters of the band. This Gorillaz All Here poster has Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. The Gorillaz were formed in 1998 by Damon Albarn of Blur.

(6) Хэштег #Gorillaz2016 в Твиттере

im still really confused as to why eyes turned white and what happened to Murdoc's red eye tbh<<<<they just keep getting pointier and pointer XD