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The HEFEI (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure) is a project of a futuristic transportation system featuring towers powered by wind turbines and a networ of autonomous vehicles fed by a power grid.

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Future Transportation - Futuristic Cars Inspired by Syd Mead’s Blade Runner designs Pictures)


The winner of the LA Design Challenge 2013 is SAIC Motor's Roewe Mobiliant Concept, the vehicle inspired by ants that aims at solving urban traffic and pollution in the cities of the future.

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Future Transportation - PS ² Bulletproof Futuristic Vehicle For Security Forces

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Sustaining environment, reducing traffic pollution, being time and space-efficient — those are the issues bothering most conscious city dwellers. E-go2 is a electric vehicle meeting all those demands. It is balanced on two wheels, supported by electronics, and takes one square meter of space. This environmental rover solves a problem of transportation in the downtowns. E-go2s will be available to public on rental basis.    Via: DesignBuzz.com

Futuristic Vehicle, Personal Transport, Electric Vehicle - they look like vacuum cleaners to me!

BMW i2, i6, i7, iQ Get Rendered a?? All Arriving By 2048

BMW i2, i6, i7, iQ Get Rendered a?? All Arriving By 2048

The BMW and iQ have all been rendered by a BMW designer. The iQ, the latest expected to go on sale, has a set launch date of