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American House Spider - The spindly-legged and everpresent American House Spider is also known by the cobweb it creates.

American House Spider - The spindly-legged and common American House Spider has an iconic spider shape and its messy cobweb is a silver-screen standard.

Spiders wearing water droplets as hats.

Indonesian photographer Uda Dennie documents how fashionable jumping spiders look wearing water droplets as hats.

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Golden orb weavers have toxic webs | Anguished Repose, nightmares for life, thank you.

Bird-Eating Spiders - Flying into the web of a giant Golden Orb Weaver spider and becoming stuck in it spelled the end for this native Australian finch.

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Pretty Spiders- The seer- Mediators, The Spider is very important because they represent True Wisdom as Well as True Faith. The symbol of Good reward in Patience!