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Lol Martial arts, fighters humor, fail memes, mock warriors, plus blackbelt fun stuff

My black belt instructor was using some of these terms, and I had never heard some of them (I know Joonbi and that kinda thing) and I was SO confused


HAHAHA when i read this i just started cracking up because the expression on his face says it all

Haha!! But he should have said "libary"

Guy we’ve been talking a lot about not using stupid cheesy pick up lines. Right here you are about to read some of them. There is one thing I can’t deny, some of these pick up line make…


the 3 guarantees of life: death, taxes and my belt will come off every single time i roll

All the time. I have to drop something I'm carrying to make it look like I'm picking it up.

ever catch yourself bowing before entering/leaving a room outside the dojang?