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acrylics on black paper ?

painting-starry-night Art Lesson and technique idea for exploring Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.

Silent Auction Class Project Ideas | Found on studioartsdallas.com

hand-bowl-auction-project- maybe auction at grade graduation/or awards ceremony at end of year? or silent auction to parents of the students in the class.

collaborative school installation - Google Search

love for a Van Gogh activity. Great site for ways to display student work in a gallery setting. Wish I had the chair template

Folk art birds - I could make them with clay

Clay birds made using a bird cookie cutter. Kids add wing and designs to show what they've seen during their Big Garden or Big Schools'

Grades Idea

Wall Flowers - Pottery Bloom wall art- set of three multi-colored ceramic flowers for the wall

Pop Art Clay Portraits - Lesson Plan

Learn about pop art icon Andy Warhol and emulate his mass-produced, colorful, silk-screened portraits — on clay! This lesson teaches a unique transfer method onto clay as well as how color can convey different sensations. Students can use their own image

Polymer clay art - another approach for Hundertwasser. by Hercio Dias

Polymer clay art - another approach for Hundertwasser. by Hercio Dias

"Wheat Field with Crows" by Vincent Van Gogh  is perfect for practicing layers of oil pastel. #vangogh #artprojectsforkids #PortfolioOilPastels

Van Gogh’s Wheat Field


Impressing, Addition, and Subtraction using clay mandalas/medallions ceramic clay- textures. Good article and step-by-step instructions on making texture in clay by high school teacher Leon Roloff

Can be made into pins ....? by Clair Fairweather

Claire Fairweather - polymer clay artist, designer and tutor: Polymer Clay vs Friendly Plastic for brooch designs