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Sesshomaru and Rin. Awwwwwwwwwww....so cuuuuuute!!! 8(>w<)8 tehehehehe he blushes ♥

Commission animation for with Sesshomaru and Rin (and a random butterfly) from InuYasha Hope you like it~ Done from scratch with Gimp and wacom tablet. Commission animation: Sesshomaru and Rin


Jaken is an idiot hahaha but funny! XDDD

I just watched this episode about 30 minutes ago.

Kagome (a girl from modern Tokyo) and InuYasha (a half dog-demon)

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SessKag <3

I'm actually a Sesshomaru x Rin fan but this is incredibly cute so I'll pin it anyway!(from artist YoukaiYume) (I'm not a fan of SessKag but these are dang cute.

Love them all

Animes kamisama hajimemashita Inuyasha Inu x boku ss Gugure kokkuri-san. The last one thoo. oh~ kokkuri-san

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InuYahsa - Sesshoumaru & Kagome (YoukaiYume) I really dont ship it that much