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Divine Delight Tim= D. so awesome how God uses one person for his plans!

Ephesians 2:8-10    8 For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- 9 not by works, so that no one can boast. 10 For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

11 Bible Verses Tim Tebow put on his eye black.

Former Mormon who became a Christian, Paul Walker. He is with The Lord now

The late Paul Walker.

17 Celebrities Who Believe In God | ViralBeliever | Page 17

17 Celebrities Who Believe In God

Viral Believer is a premier Christian website dedicated to helping Christians live a more vibrant and passionate Christian life.

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Just needs saving a second time!

I love Tim tebow

This is so funny ... and true!! by MomPrepares

Very powerful. Put's things into perspective.

Mark Wahlberg, another reason why I love him

John Caviezel

Jim Caviezel - who played "Jesus" in the Passion of Christ movie!Stand UP for Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior!

Pray for America, when one man can become a woman in public with approval and another be condemned if he prays and glorifies God in public...time is over as we know it.

Pray for America's DOUBLE STANDARDS - The people applauding Bruce Jenner for being "himself" are the same people who condemned Tim Tebow and told him to "keep his beliefs to himself". Pray for, America.

Wow! Matthew McConaughey's meaning of marriage!

Matthew McConaughey's meaning of marriage! He understands the spiritual meaning of covenant.

Chuck Norris jokes are great! But this quote is definitely no joke! ;)

Chuck Norris jokes are funny! But this quote is definitely no joke! He knows God gave him favor and blessings.

18 Mother Angelica Quotes that Hit It Right on the Nose

17 Celebrities Who Believe In God | ViralBeliever

17 Celebrities Who Believe In God

Does anyone in Hollywood have faith? Here are 17 Famous Celebrities that believe in God.

The Nativity Story - Christian Movie/Film on DVD/Blu-ray. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/the-nativity-story/

The Nativity Story - Christian Movie/Film DVD Blu-ray

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke. With Keisha Castle-Hughes, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Oscar Isaac, Hiam Abbass. A drama that focuses on the period in Mary and Joseph's life where they journeyed to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus.

Son of God Movie in Theaters - Learn more on CFDb. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/son-god/

Son of God - Christian Movie/Film Mark Burnett (Bible) - CFDb

The Son of God on DVD June 2014 starring Roma Downey, Diogo Morgado, Louise Delamere, Amber Rose Revah. Diogo Morgado portrays the role of Jesus as the film spans from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrectio