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Wie leicht sich Achtsamkeit selbst in die alltäglichsten Dinge integrieren lässt, bringt uns Jenn anhand dieses einfühlsamen und sehr interessanten Artikels über Walking Meditation näher...   http://www.greencompassion.de/walking-meditation-wie-warten-zum-geschenk-werden-kann/

Relational Networking – Part How to Talk About Yourself Without Being Boring

Australian photographer Lisa Tomasetti has worked as a visual artist and film stills photographer for the past 23 years. Lisa has captured the beautiful ballet photographs as well as iconic images of films such as Shine, The Saphires, and Star Wars Episode II.  Her visual art is in major national collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Ballet Photography by Lisa Tomasetti

Street Ballet - These pretty street ballet practitioners have been snapped outside of their usual dancing environments. Photographer Lisa Tomasetti has spent eight.

Crying is caring.

The upset caused by GOP President-elect Donald Trump’s astounding and unexpected victory has sent largely liberal communities spiraling into depression and

What Is The Best Social Media Platform For Finding Customers?

Jane Hart - How Can L departments better serve their organizations?

this is dumb and amazing (and I mean dumb in a I'm jealous this is totally awesome way)

She must really need to sprint fast to get where she's going on time. View "Girl Stretching on the Train" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor