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looking for alaska by john green

small city boy

gif tears black and white

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I wanna break you down so badly in the worst way

(12) snapchat feels (@snapchatfeels) | Twitter

It does suck

-blow out all the candles-

Now that every thought is corrupted with pain-sb

Today I have conjured the rain to help wash me..... bring me joy after my cleansing!

it cries for all the lost dreamers

thoughtful quotes written on snaps. none of these are mine unless noted; please do not remove the...

thoughtful quotes written on snaps.

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the kids from yesterday // my chemical romance 💔

⋄↠χ Love Yoυrѕelғ ѕo ɴo Oɴe Hαѕ Too χ↞⋄

I'm part of this storm

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Maybe I'm just lost inside myself

↞☼♢ ι Ɩιкє вƖαcк cƖσтнєѕ αηɗ уσυ ♢☼↠

lonely and lost // lizzierosemarks

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❝no love, no friend, lonely till the very end.



I can't help but wonder if you miss me too

I can't help but wonder if you miss me too but honestly i know you don't but it dosent stop me form thinking.

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Dont forget Isaac May Labán Mía Raymond Aaron Jennifer